Ghost Adventures: The Haunted Museum Recap

Following last week’s ‘Alien’ edition, I come to this episode with some trepidation.  I watched Zak’s live Facebook broadcast last week and he was bigging it up, but he and the crew do that for every episode over on the twitter, so I remain to be convinced.

I am a fan of Ghost Adventures and I have been through all the seasons, but lately Zak has being getting right on my last nerve.  However, I am a female so of course it is in my DNA to change my mind, whenever and as often as I like.  The live FB feed didn’t bode well however as he left the broadcast with an image of a scary looking doll and promised we would be scared shitless.  ‘Oh Zak!’ I thought, “You are scraping the barrel now.  Aliens, dolls, what next? Casper?” (more…)


Paranormal Tools – Apps. Do they work?

Ghost Hunter M2

So if you are anything like me and you don’t have all the most up to date whizzy bang investigator tools, you have probably looked through the App store and seen the ghost apps that are available.  More so since Selena Gomez has been shouting about Ghost Hunter M2 on Jimmy Fallon (if you live under a rock you can see it here)

I had a look to see what the Google had to say about it and everything seemed positive.  So with my £0.79 (about a dollar) I dawdled over to the App Store and downloaded. (more…)

Ghost Hunters: All aboard the Ghost Train – Recap

The Midwestern Preservation Society

The location is a disused railway in Cleveland Ohio which is known to be the dumping ground of a famous unsolved murder case from the 1930s, the perpetrator known as The Cleveland Torso Murderer and the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run, who murdered and dismembered 12 victims. The famous Eliot Ness led on the investigation but unfortunately the case was never solved. (more…)

Ghost Adventures S12E12: Stardust Ranch Recap

Ok, this is going to be a long one.

First off, if you are a GA fanatic who is only interested in how dreamy Zak is then close your browser down, or whatever you are reading this on and do not read any further. My intention is to recap the episode honestly and objectively and my hunch is that this post will offend you; so leave now. #notinterestedinatwitterwar (more…)