Most haunted

Most Haunted: Middleton Hall Recap

I didn’t recap the last episode because, well, it was piss poor. I wasn’t prepared to waste my time writing it or your time reading it. Although I think I am the only person who watches it anyway.This week does look like it has promise though. All the teasers proclaim that ‘Yvette is scared to her core’. Actually Yvette is scared of her own shadow so there’s probably nothing in this episode either. (more…)

Most haunted: Walton hall recap


Walton Hall, Warrington.

First off, the place looks amazing and I will Deffo be going for a visit, so mission accomplished there for Walton Hall: get more visitors – check!

It is a stunning place with just the right amount of ‘needs a paint job but looks creepy so it stays’ chic. (more…)