Ghost Hunters

Ghost Hunters S11 E02: Ghost Guards Recap

The Location

The team are once more in Cleveland Ohio, this week visiting the Gray’s Armory.  Formed in 1837 as an independent volunteer militia company the Cleveland Grays were first called into duty in1855 by the county Sheriff to guard the courthouse and jail prior to and during an execution. The Grays saw service in the Civil War, Spanish American War, Mexican Border Campaign and World War l. The Amory that the team are investigating was built in 1893 following a fire at their previous HQ


Ghost Hunters: All aboard the Ghost Train – Recap

The Midwestern Preservation Society

The location is a disused railway in Cleveland Ohio which is known to be the dumping ground of a famous unsolved murder case from the 1930s, the perpetrator known as The Cleveland Torso Murderer and the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run, who murdered and dismembered 12 victims. The famous Eliot Ness led on the investigation but unfortunately the case was never solved. (more…)