Welcome to my page.

This is my paranormal TV show recap page – I will also recap any other shows I have an urge to watch or talk about.

I am a healthy sceptic; I’m not going to get into all the back histories of the shows and what has gone before – there are sites that do this very well already and if you want to know about this I suggest you get on the Google.

I had an interesting weekend following a comment I got on one of my posts on another forum and to be frank, it melted my brain. I spent the weekend reading everything and realised that sometimes I may be more gullible and naïve than I thought when it came to production, set ups etc.

I was going to take the site down as I thought I wont give the shows any more of my time; but then I thought actually I LIKE watching the shows and I’m not really bothered about the ‘antix’ they get up to. (Yes I am talking to you Most Haunted)

I wont write about any that I think are ‘grief vampires’ (a term I learnt over the weekend) as I think these people are despicable. (The jury is still out on the Dead Files as I am not entirely certain they fall into this category)

I am a normal person with an interest in the paranormal. I am not a fan girl or have a particular favourite show, my recaps are just my own ramblings on what I see; sometimes I am sucked in and believe it and sometimes I think it’s a load of old hokum.

And it is, more than anything, FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.

I love hearing from people and like a healthy debate so if you would rather talk tome direct then get in touch:

Email: gretalsghosts@gmail.com