Ghost Adventures Season 13 Episode 3: Palace Saloon

I took a break from recapping as I was getting fed up with the same old nonsense from all the ‘crews’ and what was once entertaining was becoming a chore. I have had a few months off and so thought I would dip my toe back in the water.Although the season has aired in the US it still hasn’t been shown in the UK but I am sure it will pop up on the Really channel sometime soon.  Well we are in Prescott Arizona, a Wild West Town (I do hope Zak does not dress up as a cowboy. Again. Look I like a costume but am bored with Zak looking like a second rate dial a stripper although I am sure the Zakolites on the twitter get their panties in a right twist with it) Anyways…….back to the location.

The Palace Saloon is a bar (with its own jail – handy) GAC have been called in by the manager and owner as it is believed that the cellar is haunted and the staff are afraid to work. I need to try this one:

Me: I can’t come in

Boss: Why? You sick?

Me: No, the office, which does not rely on paying patrons to eat, sleep, generally visit, its haunted and I am scared

Boss: Get in now or you are fired.

Me: No, you need to ring Ghost Adventures to investigate the spookies because I am scared and I cannot work

Boss: Get.A.Grip you fruit loop.

Funny how it’s never just a boring old office……….cynical? me? Noooooooooo


The Palace Saloon was once a haven for gamblers, prostitutes and gunslingers (good night out then) The place was destroyed by a fire in 1900 but the Bar survived. Nowadays, the staff and patrons all still dress up a lá Calamity Jane and Zak believes that this has stirred up the spirits – whip crack away!  We get told some stories about falling plants and mannequins. The owner has a theory that his renovations have pissed off the spirits and riled them up. There is a female member of staff who has been groped by a spirit in the cellar.

The crew head down to the cellar. The manager won’t go in so he takes them to the old Jail where he has seen dark shadows. Guess what? It was a DEMONIC figure. FFS. This is why I get fed up with this show; quit with the bloody demons already. Why cant it, just for once, be old Billy Bob the cowboy just drinking his whiskey and feeling up what he thinks are the girls in The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas Prescott. I bet Old Nick is right pissed off when he looks round hell and all his demons have done one.

Old Nick: Demons! Where have they all gone?

Tortured souls: GAC are back in town, they have gone to stir shit up.

Old Nick: grrrrrrr Zak Bagans

Zak wants to dissect the history of the building to figure out what is going on; this means reading newspapers. They find evidence of violent deaths:

  • Suicide
  • Murder – head trauma
  • Murder – shooting
  • Murder – woman kicked to death

The next witness is a paranormal investigator who received scratch marks on her leg. She experiences the same activity as that of the female staff. They head down to the cellar and call out. Aaron senses something and checks the EVP, they hear “Death”.

They head to another Saloon across town; the owner thinks they have a Poltergeist. The team go in to do a Spirit Box session. Aaron feels like he is being stabbed. They call out. I am watching intently and I have to admit I do the ‘whoooooa’ as I hear something. On the replay it sounds like ‘Another word’. They ask why they are there in the house and get the reply ‘I forgot something’ and a light can be seen #creepy

The spirit appears masculine and they believe it is attached to the owner and is following her – it says the name ‘Marge’. They ask more questions and what is their name. The response is ‘Harold’. I can hear something but I cannot distinguish what it is even when they say it is Harold. (for those in the UK and of a certain age, yes I did the Steptoe impression too)

The Investigation

 A female customer tells the guys that she has been scratched across her neck and you can see it on camera. They ask the manager to go down to the cellar on his own and he really doesn’t want to as he is scared shitless. The guys are watching him from the hub and he is wearing a full spectrum camera so we can see his POV.

He says he is getting a headache. Zak asks him to call out, which he does and then cocks his gun. Eye roll.  He heads up to the bar and a bang his heard. The crew let him leave and take over the investigation. They start with the Ovilus and Zak calls out the names of the people who are known to have died there. The Ovilus shows the words ‘include’ and ‘Alice’ – whooooooa. The guys all start to feel a rush of activity and also hear things, Zak asks who it is and the Ovilus says ‘Master, M and Preacher’ and hear a stomping sound. Zak is touched on the hand and when asked who it was the Ovilus shows the name Jackie. The get the SLS camera and a figure can be seen and looks like it is standing on the bar next to Zak.

Zak heads to the brothel. Saying nothing. Zak states he is open to anything that might happen to him in the brothel as long as it results in solid evidence #perv. Nothing happens and he is gutted. Zak goes off by himself to the Opium Den whilst Jay and Aaron head to the cellar.

Zak: Zak is calling out and hears kids screaming, I heard it too. He calls out and the EVP picks up a voice that sounds like ‘Get Back’.

Jay and Aaron: As they are doing an EVP session, Billy who is monitoring the cameras can hear footsteps in the Saloon. He sets up REM pods. The pods are activated whilst the steps can be heard. Aaron is getting the chills and says his name Goodwin is the same as the old owner and there is a response of 2 bangs. At the same time Billy’s feed to the cellar is lost. Jay is down a tunnel in the cellar, he looks like he is in distress as he is laid down and then it looks like he is dragged backwards. There are no cameras on it so it is impossible to say if it is real or not but Jay does appear genuinely upset but hey who knows? They call out again and ask who is there and they hear a hiss and jay feels like he has been stabbed in the leg.

The episode was OK and I enjoyed getting my ghoul back on after my break, I did hear a few of the EVPs which is unusual and if the footage of Jay was not a production stunt then it was impressive, it is just annoying that it never happens with the camera on it. Funny that.



  1. I have to admit my patience with Ghost Adventures is wearing thin. Each year, it seems more of a production than an investigation. My biggest annoyance is that they never stop talking at the risk of missing some good EVPs! This episode was especially bad…Zac would overreact so bad to each piece of evidence to the point of missing out on more.

    Keep up the great recaps! I really enjoy reading them, and appreciate your entertaining posts and health skepticism.

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  2. I feel the same. I love anything paranormal and I want it to be good! Even if they don’t get evidence.

    GAC have just got to big for their boots and seems to me like they have forgot why they started doing it and it’s all about the dollar.

    Production involvement hacks me off, but I guess they hold the purse. I just watched the first ep of a new one, I can’t remember what it was called but it was in Compton and a drive thru funeral home. It was OK.

    I am looking forward to the new season of paranormal lockdown as they seem to take it more seriously.

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  3. Thanks for another witty and interesting recap Mousecara! I understand how you feel about these shows as before I found The Dead Files, I too was on a break from paranormal tv. I loved Ghost Hunters back when it began some 12/13 years ago. It was much more down to earth and focused on helping individual families in private homes. Although I am very open to what may be the paranormal I don’t believe every thing is and believe most can be debunked. However I do try to keep an open mind and much prefer the investigators who attempt to debunk the claims and don’t jump in assuming every bump in the night is a ghost or demon. By the time the show became a huge hit it had moved away from their original premise and became more commercial and production oriented; especially when they started using guest ghost hunters from other shows in the same network! It was ridiculous and that’s when I stopped watching. I tried others but nothing really stood out for me until The Dead Files. I liked the premis and the fact the former homocide detective tries to find logical answers and delves into the history of the property and surrounding area. Do I believe in this 100%? No I don’t but I find it’s great fun and there have been plenty of “wow I didn’t see that coming” moments to keep me invested. I have only watched Ghost Adventurers a couple of times and thought they were a little too excited and hyper but after reading your hilarious recaps I am going to sit down and watch these episodes so thanks for that!!

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