The Dead Files: The Sacrifice Recap

This is my first The Dead Files Recap and I am behind with US air dates but I like the show so thought I would recap it.  There are many opinions on the Google about Amy and Steve and that they were actors prior to being cast for the show and it going into production. A lot of shit is thrown at Amy for appearing in a film where she acts the part of a ‘medium’ This role has since been deleted from her IMDB.   I for one could not give a flying fook; I like to make my own decisions and decide if its TV producers having me on or if it could possibly be real. Plus I have a thing for overweight American ex homicide detectives called Steve.

The famous locations; I do think these locations are easy to pull to pieces as I could go on the Google and then go and get my ‘Amy’ on – daft faces included. However the private homes do interest me more and the only niggle I have is that Steve does his investigation before Amy. It would be far more believable and shut the haters up if Amy did hers first; but then, if that was the case, would there be a show if all the findings gathered by production Steve were not available before Amy’s walk through #ponderthatthought

My other gripe: where the heck do you find a shaman, mediums, witches, the pope, archangel Gabriel etc who all MUST come every day for a week and more importantly who could afford that??? If the producers are getting a good show out of it then they should bloody pay for it, particularly when Amy scares the shite out of them and says “leave! Leave now! Or you all are going to DIE!” or words to that effect. Allegedly.

On to the show.

The Location: East Flat Rock, North Carolina

The client Briana has called the team in as her parents both died in the house and she believes that whatever is in the home is coming for her next. Briana lives at the property with her fiancé Tracy and she explains she grew up in the house and doesn’t want to be afraid of it anymore or lose it. She tells Steve she hears sounds, sees shadows, things move and she suffers from health problems. This has happened all the time she has lived in the home but increased after the death of her father; her father was driving his truck and it was found flipped over on its side. There was no skid marks and didn’t look wrecked; she thinks that whatever is in the house messed with either him or the truck.

Briana’s mum committed suicide 2 years ago (with a shotgun Briana had bought her – as a Brit, I will never understand the gun thing). Steve asked if there was anything that made her mum depressed (stupid question number 1 – husband dying maybe). Briana also says that her mum’s bf also passed away and she believes that whatever is there in the house wants people’s souls.

Briana’s mum’s bedroom: the bedroom has been kept how her mum left it and about a month after her dad passed Briana wrote a note that is in her mums rooms. The note says “I love you dad, please sign this every night”. The note is initialled and Briana is convinced that her dad did it, Steve not so much and thinks it was more likely that it was Briana’s mum. Briana tells of another episode when she took a shower and left her phone; when she returned it was in three pieces, she believes this was a sign that whatever is in the home doesn’t want the team there as it happened after she contacted them.

Briana’s bedroom: Briana sees shadows and an outline of a person that moves around and feels evil; it makes her ill. Steve says it sounds like an anxiety attack, she says no and that when she leaves the house she is fine but she is scared it will make her kill herself.

Tracy confirms that he has had his own experiences – he thought there was someone in the house and he was so convinced he grabbed his gun (there with the guns again) he had another experience when he returned to the house and there was a smell that was like something had died.

The next witness is Kim a family friend. She knew Briana’s mum and believes that she was demon possessed as she went evil in her actions. She says one day she was by the steps and it felt like something tried to push her down. She thinks Briana and Tracy are in danger. (You in danger girl – sorry couldn’t resist)

Steve’s investigation: Steve says that there are 3 deaths that we have been told about and he is going to meet the daughter of Briana’s mum’s friend as she thinks there was something suspicious about the death of her mother (Call the cops! Not an ex cop who is now an actor – allegedly)

Savannah (the daughter) shows a picture of her mum, she lived in Briana’s house, gained a lot of weight (70lb) She has the medical examiners certificate and the autopsy report that show a lot of meds in her; her daughter explains she was in a car accident but the reports show her death was undetermined – Savannah cant get her head around it and I cant blame her. Savannah does not believe it was suicide but something in the house

Steve goes through old records and discovers that a previous family lost 2 children when they lived there. The genealogist confirms that the shipman family had the property from 1952 – 1994. The children died at 44 (cancer) and 59 (heart attack). The father Clarence died of heart issues also. The genealogist also says that a gruesome murder occurred in the 1960s and one of the victims was a Shipman.

In 1966 there was a triple homicide and one of the victims was a relative of the Shipman’s. The case is still unsolved so he goes to meet a crime reporter.

The victims:

  1. Louise 62 – worked at a music company
  2. Vernon Shipman 43 – owned the music store
  3. Charles Glass 36 – had r/ship with Vernon. Charles wrote a book on Voodoo – oh ho here we go

The bodies were found on July 22nd 1966 in a ditch, in a semi-circle, looking up with objects on them. The official cause of death was fatal blows to the head. There were several suspects but still remains unsolved.

Amy’s walk through: Amy immediately states that whoever has/does live at the property have lost their faith and that there is a creepy man who manipulated this. He is described as a young, white, tall man. Amy describes him as rancid.

Amy picks up on a suicide and gets neck pain; lots of ouch! She sees something crawl out of the water and says it is a nasty man who is all about revenge; he influences people and makes them kill themselves and soon someone will take their own life. Nice.

Poltergeist! (On repeat a lot– just cos you say it doesn’t mean its true Amy) She reckons that the homeowners think that there is a poltergeist in the house but it’s the rancid man manipulating them to think this.

Amy is seeing a dark energy coming in and says it’s the creepy guy and it feels like she is being shoved and she believes that he is possessing a woman and making them bad and that they would think they would be losing their mind and feel weird pains (Amy does a crazy doll head move that makes her look like a bell end, it aint winning no Oscars #sorrynotsorry) She says that he wants the living to kill everyone in the house because he is a head case.

The guy smells like rotting dead things. Who knew?

She says the people in the house will be angry and argumentative and basically repeats everything that Briana and Tracey have described.

Amy goes upstairs and says the bad guy is trying to jump her and control her, he is hanging upside down with his tongue hanging out and wants everyone DEAD.

Amy sees a lady, presumably Savannahs mum and Amy says she is blaming the house for her death. Amy feels like her head has been cracked open.

Amy now feels like she is having a heart attack and it is an old man. The dead lady points at the dead man and says that the house killed him too.

The vengeful guy was murdered on his way home; he was set upon by 4 people.

The creepy guy is trying to jump Amy again and doesn’t want her in the house; says he was wealthy, liked classical music and literature and was in an asylum near by.

The Reveal: Amy describes the woman and shows a sketch of her. It looks like Savannah’s mum. Steve tells Amy that she moved into the room in 2012 and that her death is undetermined. Steve shows Amy a picture of her and she confirms it’s the woman she saw – it kind of looked like her I guess.  Amy tells Briana that there was someone outback that was influenced to commit suicide – she says neck pain. Briana tells Amy that her mum shot herself, the death certificate states gunshot wound to the head.

Amy says that the vengeful guy gets vulnerable people to kill themselves in any way including cars. Amy thinks that it is someone who died in the 40s or 50s and he was murdered and then thrown in the water. Steve tries to link this to the murder as the victims were left near a lake. Amy is interested in the Voodoo and thinks it is Charles Glass.

Amy now describes the creepy guy – no one fits the description. She states that he smells rotten and Tracy repeats the story off the terrible smells in the house. Amy also describes the symptoms he can make people feel. He is dangerous. She describes a black mist coming in the bedroom and tries to possess people. She has had a sketch of it – she says he is responsible for Briana’s mum’s death and is now coming after her. Nice one Amy, you just scare her shitless.

Amy’s Advice:

  1. Priest to bless the property line
  2. Priest to carry out exorcism of the house
  3. Return to religion

 If she does the above Briana should be ok and can stay in the property.


Update:  Briana is still trying to find a priest to complete the blessing and the exorcism.   She says the Stones have helped – I have no clue what this is about, I didn’t hear anything about stones.   The activity continues








  1. I just found your blog and read your recap and wanted you to know I really enjoyed it! I really like The Dead Files and Steve especially! Your comment about having a thing for overweight ex homocide detectives was funny! I like that Steve is skeptical and doesn’t immediately buy into what he is being told yet at the same time is respectful
    Of these people and is very kind and compassionate. That impressed me. I also like the way the history of the property is investigated as I’m a huge history buff. Anyway, getting to this late as I see you wrote this months ago but wanted you to know I thought it was great and am looking forward to reading more from you!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. hope you do it’s been great fun reading the rest of your recaps! Your recaps about ghost adventurers are just as enjoyable and funny! Thanks for taking the time to do this!!

        Liked by 1 person

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