Ghost Adventures: Mackay Mansion

The GA crew are in Virginia City Nevada and according to Zak it’s the birth place of ‘Ghost Adventures’ (Old Washoe Club); they are investigating a location that has many claims of being haunted and even Jonny Depp has claimed that he has had a paranormal encounter here.

Background/witness’ testimonies

John Mackay was one of the wealthiest men in the town and in 1875 he bought Mackay Mansion and lived there for 20 years. Zak claims that since Mr Mackay’s departure it has become ‘infested’ with many of Virginia City’s lost souls.

Ok then. Ill take your word for it Zak.

Nick Guerra is the owner of the location (who happens to do ghost tours – kerching!) Nick wants the crew to communicate with the ghosts to find out who they are but states that he doesn’t accept too many ghosts as they scare him but he knows that there are 2 little girls as they talk to him; Nick seems like an OK kind of guy and not the fruit loops they have been trotting out recently (She-Ra anyone?) Nick also says that there is a shadow man.

They enter the parlour that has pictures of Mr Mackay. Nick states that an apparition of a man in a grey suit has been seen and the assumption is that it is Mr Mackay. As they are talking they hear a voice and so Zak does an EVP session: they ask for a name and get a response – “ Mackay” Now I usually have trouble hearing the EVPs so I have got the headphones on full blast and I do hear something. Would I have interpreted it as ‘MacKay’ if they hadn’t told me that’s what it was or the on screen prompt? Probably not but there is something and the more I listen to it, it does sound like Mackay.

Nick starts to feel dizzy and needs a moment.  Dawn is a tour guide and claims that the spirits in the house try and harm her and follow her home (don’t work there then – jeeeeeeessss)

Zak starts to have chest pains and Nick explains this by telling a story of a robbery; 2 guys where trying to rob the vault and the guard who was there shot them in the chest. Nick says it was right were Zak was standing. Ok if you are going to make a claim like that I want you to back it up, prove it mister!

They go to the 3rd floor. Nick claims that there is a dark entity in one of the rooms; 2 little girls died there and they can be heard laughing in the room and they also mess up the bedclothes. I have a dog that does that #justsaying. Again I want the proof, don’t just throw out claims, show me the Money Records!

We now meet witness Isaac. Isaac thinks the child (he calls her Emma) is looking for her mother. Isaac has carried out experiments in the room and the latest was a couple of nights ago when he was playing guitar in the room and using the ovulus which produced words like loving, hug, kiss and then mommy. But wait, Isaac actually thinks it may not be a child but something evil.

What did u do last night Isaac? Oh I went to an old haunted room and played my guitar to a little dead girl…………. Isaac looks about 18 and should be going to da club of a night. Isaac needs to get a new hobby. Or laid.

On to witness Carl who explains that underground is 750 miles of tunnels and he believes that dead miners’ energy is stored in the tunnels. Zak adds to this by telling us that before Mr Mackay bought the property, in 1860 it was home to the Gould and Curry mining office and the mineshaft was located across the street. On June 24th 1897 there was a mine fire and 11 miners were killed. OK so there are records/press for that but not it seems the shooting or the dead kids…….#justsayingagain

Zak thinks the spirits of the dead miners are coming to the office. Zak asks if it is true that there is a tunnel from the house to the mineshaft and Nick confirms that there is. Zak believes that this is a portal.

Oh they are now at another location owned by Nick (kerching kerching!) The property is Mr Mackay’s old bank and Nick believes that there is a dark entity in the basement that torments his workers. Witness Troy states that he has worked there for 18 months and since they have been working there the tools get moved and are found standing up right. The workmen who were there to install a sprinkler system saw a figure and got so spooked they ran away.

The crew go down into the basement where there is a old carousel and a real ‘mummy’ – say what? There is a lot of weird stuff down there and it is creepy. Billy tells us that he has been getting creeped out in room he has been staying in, 111 and the address of the location is 111.

Zak calls out and they hear a noise. The MEL metre jumps to 7.2 and then goes to 666. Troy gets goose bumps and they all feel a cold spot. They start an EVP session and Zak falls (again). They review the EVP and they hear something and it was at the time Zak was ‘pushed’. Zak asks that the EVP is analysed. They think it is a woman’s voice saying ‘Leave him’. Nick explains that a woman was killed there during an explosion.


The Lockdown.

Billy and Zak are in the basement of the Bank and Jay and Aaron are at the Mackay Mansion.

Billy and Zak: Zak calls out and they enter the basement. They hear a loud noise from the basement whilst they are still on the stairs. They have the MEL metre out again and continue calling out. There is a light on and Billy is adamant that he turned it off. Billy has the chills. He is freaking out as he knows he turned them off. It’s the area where Zak was ‘pushed’. Zak feels like there is something passing through him and the temp drops 5’ in a matter of seconds and an anomaly is captured coming out of Zak’s chest.

Billy asks if someone touched him, he says he was touched hard in his back. Billy says he is being affected and he doesn’t like it. They hear a noise that does sound like a light bulb filament breaking. They continue calling out. They hear another light bulb break and both shit their pants. They turn the lights on until they can both calm down and then go hunting for the said bulb.

They use the spirit box and as they are doing so Billy hears footsteps and tells Zak to turn off the Spirit Box so he can hear better. Billy’s camera captures and unexplained mist. Zak feels more energy pass through him they have another spirit box session and they hear ‘Hi’ and then ‘Goodbye’. All activity stops.

 Jay and Aaron: They hear knocking. They investigate and realise that it is them making the noise walking on loose floorboards and we get the big red DEBUNKED. They use the SLS camera and call out. They hear a noise in another room and go to investigate. They capture 2 figures on the SLS in the spot the 2 men were shot. ‘Badass’ Jay proclaims. Aaron calls out to a lady who fell down the stairs and broke her neck, clear footsteps can be heard. I can hear it loud and clear (on the earphones) and it creeps the shit out of me.

They call out to ‘Emma’ and find a hidden stairway that leads to the attic. The attic is padlocked and as they are talking and opening the attic a growling sound is heard – I would have been right out of there. Aaron makes Jay go first and he says he can hear someone walking around. As jay is about to enter the attic they hear a bang and Jay falls down the stairs. Jay goes up again and opens the attic hatch but nothing happens but on the lower floor the X cam captures a clear anomaly. Jay is now in the Vault and hears Zak call out through the walkie talkie. Zak sounds like he is in distress. Zak confirms that during the lockdown neither he nor Billy had a walkie talkie.

This was a good episode; the guys captured some good evidence, there were EVPs I could hear and above all there were no fruit loops talking about UFOs

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