Ghost Hunters S11 E02: Ghost Guards Recap

The Location

The team are once more in Cleveland Ohio, this week visiting the Gray’s Armory.  Formed in 1837 as an independent volunteer militia company the Cleveland Grays were first called into duty in1855 by the county Sheriff to guard the courthouse and jail prior to and during an execution. The Grays saw service in the Civil War, Spanish American War, Mexican Border Campaign and World War l. The Amory that the team are investigating was built in 1893 following a fire at their previous HQ

The building is now a museum and over the last two years renovations have been taking place and this has kicked off the activity; the museum curator Kristin states that shadow figures have been seen and she think its connected to an old caretaker ‘Lou’ who died on site. However it was when his van was moved out of the basement that things really ramped up.  People visiting the Gun Range have also seen shadow figures and heard doors slamming and running. Kristin also describes an incident when at 3am the alarms and motion sensors were activated, however when police attended nothing had been moved. The CCTV was reviewed and shows lots of ‘orbs’ at the time the alarms were triggered.

The 3 stooges discuss where they will set up – blah blah blah. Steve thinks that the van is the catalyst but there is also a cemetery behind the Armory so they will be checking that out to.   Dustin has seen something already but heck the DVR wasn’t rolling but hopefully they will capture something later.

 The Investigation

J&S are on the main floor and call out. A door closes and they go to check it out, as they are doing so they both think they hear another door closing. There is only one door unlocked and as they are investigating it footsteps are heard on a higher floor. The go up but J says it now sounds like it’s on the floor below them. They make their way back down and as Steve is walking down the hall the door slams behind him. They check out the door and decide to retrace their steps, the door remains open. As they reach the end of the hall they hear another loud bang. They know the doors (where they have been) are locked so try to locate the source of the noise. They come to a room with all the lights on. They find shit. Literally. They do not think that animals are making the noise as it’s too loud. (In a big old empty echoey building – sigh)

Sam and Shari are next to investigate and as the cameraman is explaining the rooms that they can go in (the others are too derelict) Shari feel something grab her shoulder.

They go back to tell the rest of the team, who tell them that females may piss off the spirits as it was an all male club.

Dustin and KJ are in the cemetery and want to locate the graves of some of the Grays so that they have names for later on in the investigation. They talk shit about being a bloody Capricorn as KJ wants to fix the headstones as apparently that’s what Capricorns are all about. Sigh.

S&T are on the 2nd floor and S is telling T what happened earlier. They ask for the door to be closed. Nothing happens but they hear some noises. They call out to Lou and I am distracted by how much Tango looks like Penfold off Dangermouse. (Classic 80s kids cartoon available on YouTube).  They go to check out a noise and there is nothing. I’m bored.


Sam and Shari go to the basement and into the Gun Range. They call out and hear footsteps. They continue to call out.

J&S are reviewing the CCTV that Kristen talked about earlier. They say that the orbs are dust, but cannot identify what set the dust off.

D&KJ are in the Gun Rage and call out. KJ hears something and tries to locate it. They move into an inner room and call out to Lou. KJ talks about his grandpa and then sees something block out the light.

S&T are necking apple cider vinegar as Lou liked it. These two are like Dumb and Dumber and annoy the shite out of me.   And that’s it, investigation over.

 The Reveal

J promises he has LOTS of exciting evidence to share – let’s see shall we?

  1. Steve talks of all the personal experiences
  2. EVP: Hello
  3. They show the clip of J&S trying to locate the footsteps and the door slamming behind Steve.
  4. CCTV – talking shit.

J&S think there is something at the location and that’s that.  A whole load of NOTHING.

They hear noises in a big, old, empty and half derelict building full of shit (the building and them). They are buzzing whilst I’m thinking ‘that’s 45 minutes of my life I’m not getting back’.   Utter shit.

I’m off to watch a better ghost hunter………Scooby Doo where are you???

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