Paranormal Lockdown:Trans- Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Recap

Welcome to Paranormal Lockdown, before we start can we take a minute to talk about the soundtrack (Between Heaven & Hell by Rob Saffi.)

Whoever picked this piece was bang on the money and I love it; from the get go I know that this show may be providing me with something new and a little bit different

The Location

Construction of The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum was completed in 1881. It was designed so that each wing was arranged in a staggered formation, the belief being that such a design would provide the patients with as much sunlight and fresh air as possible. Treatments consisted of lobotomies, isolation and electric shock therapy. Originally the hospital was to provide care for 250 patients, however by the 1950s the population had risen to 2.400 which took its toll both on the hospital and the patients themselves. The hospital was closed in 1994 due to changes in the treatment of mental illness and the physical deterioration of the building. For more information on the location visit their official website here


Day 1


We know Nick has been to the location before (Ghost Adventures). Nick recalls seeing a shadow figure and that’s why he and Katrina are back – he wants to capture and document them.The investigation begins immediately and will last 72 hours. Nick explains that mental exhaustion may aid them in connecting with the paranormal world; it will also hinder them should there be any physical attachments.

They go straight to the 4th floor where Nick saw the shadow figure in 2009. Nick is freaked out and Katrina is apprehensive; she has been suffering from nightmares prior to the investigation.  From there they decide to visit the Women’s Auxiliary Building – this building has never been opened to paranormal investigations before and Nick sees something almost immediately. They feel energy and do a live EVP session. They get a response and it is very clear and intelligent.

They are joined by Beth Nease a former employee and she is very emotional as they make their way towards Ward F. Beth explains that this was the ward that held the dangerous patients. They enter a room where a murder took place and Beth describes the brutal incident; there were 2 murderers and 2 victims; the victims were hung and then stabbed through the head with metal rods made from the frame of the bed. Beth knew all 4 of the men and she explains that one of the murderers was a serial killer, who was full of darkness and extremely frightening, and the victims were both like children mentally and they loved to do colouring – they were completely helpless. Katrina is visibly moved by this.

As night falls there are only 3 people in the building: Nick, Katrina and the cameraman. They go straight to Ward F. They have a geobox (a unique spirit box) they call out and Katrina lies in the position that the men were in before the murder. The geobox says ‘Nick’ (oh shit).   They continue to call out and they get the response ‘Come with us’. Nothing further is heard for the next 2 hours so they move to the 4th floor. Nick and the cameraman hear a ‘shhhhhhhh’ Nick is shitting himself at the thought that he has to sleep there alone. He does an EVP session alone. Katrina joins him for the review, and a response is captured. Nick decides he will sleep there (mad bastard) Nick sets up his camp bed, the camera man leaves and Katrina sets up in the murder room (balls.of.steel.)


Night One

Nick needs to sleep but has his guard up; he is feeling energy all around him so calls out. Nothing happens but as he is getting ready to sleep there is a loud bang behind him. The locked off camera picks it up and it is LOUD.  He makes himself stay to observe it.

In the morning he states it’s the creepiest place he has ever slept. He calls out again as he believes it is haunted 24/7 and he thinks he has a response. He goes to find Katrina and asks her if she walked about in the night. Nick says he could hear nurses’ shoes walking down the hallway. Katrina confirms it was not her.

Day 2

They both return to the 4th floor and Katrina is finding it difficult to breathe. Katrina calls out and gets a chilling response ‘Shut up bitch.   They review the previous night’s footage and they prepare their equipment for night 2

Night 2

They return to the Women’s Auxiliary Building and use the Geobox to make direct contact with any spirits. They call out and a female responds ‘hello’ and then a man says ‘Don’t say a word’. (Chill factor 10)   They ask the lady to talk to them and the man responds with: ‘No’. When asked why he responds ‘I’m telling you’ – Crikey.

Nick is getting chills; I am feeling you Nick.  Katrina says if they say her name she will leave and they get the response ‘Katrina’.  They keep their promise and leave.  They go to the medical building which is home to the morgue and the murder room. They enter the morgue and Nick challenges Katrina to spend the night there (I would have told him to F off)

Katrina is feeling chest pain and a stabbing pain in her head; her exhausted state is making her vulnerable so they take advantage and split up.  Katrina is on the morgue slab (Again, Balls.of.steel.) She is shaking and creeped out and hears footsteps. They are clear. She calls out and asks for a noise, she tries to stay calm and goes to sleep. (OMFG this woman is amazing)

Nick is in the lobotomy treatment room; he can hear someone walking around him and so calls out. Nothing further.

Day/Night 3

They bring in Amy and Adam (ex – Ghost Hunters) and they head off to the kitchen area. All hear a ‘shhhhhhhhhhh’ again. They go to the 4th floor and Nick explains he spent the night there; Adam stays on the bed as he thinks Nick is a crazy fool but wants to try it. The rest of them head to a distant wing. Adam SHITS himself and legs it after 5 minutes. They review his recorder and hear ‘hello, Adam’. At this point I am praying to the sweet baby Jesus and all the angels; that would have been it for me – bye bye am outta here. But not this lot, Amy and Adam leave and again it’s just Nick, Katrina and the cameraman.

Katrina says she feels like she is in a horror movie – YES! Yes you are, GET OUT OF THERE!

Nick gets anxiety and can’t breathe, Katrina has seen something move but they can’t locate it and they think that whatever it was is messing with them. We are at the 64 hour point and they are definitely feeling something. The cameraman has seen something move; only he can see it as he has the HD camera. He describes a large animalistic shadow. And its there. It’s so annoying because I can’t see it even with the big arrow pointing it out. DAMMIT. I need a better TV and an eye test.   They split up again and Nick remains on the 4th floor. He doesn’t get anything.

Day 4

The investigation is over and both Nick and Katrina are exhausted. Nick is happy with the investigation and the evidence they captured.

If the rest of the season is as interesting as this first episode then Paranormal Lockdown  has got to be the best ‘ghost hunting’ show that there has been (sorry Ghost Asylum I still love you guys). I like that they investigate for the 72 hours, I have never thought investigating for the one night was sufficient and I have never understood why they didn’t spend longer at a location. It  just doesn’t make sense to me.  However what I liked best about this show was that it appeared to be authentic, there was no obvious antics and production tricks, no Dudes! Nor was there any showmanship and huge egos, and most of all there was no bullshit. Take note Zak Bagans.


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