Ghost Adventures: The Haunted Museum Recap

Following last week’s ‘Alien’ edition, I come to this episode with some trepidation.  I watched Zak’s live Facebook broadcast last week and he was bigging it up, but he and the crew do that for every episode over on the twitter, so I remain to be convinced.

I am a fan of Ghost Adventures and I have been through all the seasons, but lately Zak has being getting right on my last nerve.  However, I am a female so of course it is in my DNA to change my mind, whenever and as often as I like.  The live FB feed didn’t bode well however as he left the broadcast with an image of a scary looking doll and promised we would be scared shitless.  ‘Oh Zak!’ I thought, “You are scraping the barrel now.  Aliens, dolls, what next? Casper?”

I hope I am wrong so, let’s see….I’m a going in.

The location is Zak’s Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, you may have seen it if you watched the Deadly Possessions show that he did (very much like John Zaffis of Haunted Collector but without the investigations, it’s more like Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks format)

Zak starts by telling us that this is an emergency investigation that he has called following disturbing experiences at the location.  Three of his construction workers quit on the spot and they play audio of what they had to say:

“The place was too creepy, like some giant negative energy space.”

“It got worse and worse”

“I had enough one day, and couldn’t go back in”

“It’s like your soul was drained”

Zak explains that he wants to know who or what is haunting the place and if there are spirits that are trying to prevent him from opening the museum.

The house that the Museum is located in was built in 1938 by Cyril Wengert a prominent Las Vegas banker and he lived there with his family for 29 years.   Prior to Zak purchasing the property, it was owned by the State bar of Nevada.


The first interview is with a lady who had an experience at the property in the 70s.  Rachel Vosko is a friend of Zak’s mother and the founder of ‘Heaven can wait animal society’.   When Zak bought the property she told Zak’s mum that she used to sneak into the house and once witnessed something in the cellar; she saw a pentagram with a circle around it, there were objects in the pentagram and drops of blood.  Zak states that this sounds like somebody was doing satanic rituals and that they have probably opened a gateway for demons etc.  The residue and remnants of the rituals would have stayed in the property and he wants to know if what she saw is still there.

Rachel goes down to the cellar, with a digital recorder, and she feels as if she is being pushed.  There is a bang heard by all and she can feel something around her legs.  Zak informs us that one of the Wengert children died prior to the family moving to the home and wonders if it could be him or something more sinister.  Billy reviews the recorder and says he is blown away by what has been captured.  I’m thinking yes OK whatevs.

They play the clip and “I need help” is heard.  I have to say that this was a really clear EVP, if you have read my other posts you will know that I can never understand EVPs, often I cannot hear them at all but this didn’t require the onscreen words, I heard it loud and clear and could distinguish it.  Initially, it was so clear I thought it was a member of the crew and it was only on the replay I realised that it was the EVP – I am very impressed and now I have got the chills – brrrrrrrrrrr.

Next up is Erica Manasco who used to work at the property (State bar) and had similar experiences as those Rachel had. She states that the cellar had negative energy and staff would not go in alone.  Another noise is heard by all and Zak calls out.  They continue the interview and Erica states that working there did affect her mood; so much so she researched it and took actions to try and prevent/protect pouring salt in her office.  Zak states that this validates what has been happening to his workers and it is at this point that something really creepy happens; Erica appears to jump, wraps her arms around herself, Zak asks if she is OK and she whispers that she is freezing and can’t seem to get her breath, from nowhere she starts crying and I am getting the chills just watching it.  She is clearly being affected and I feel really sorry for her.  Zak takes her out and she says that it hit her really hard but she can’t explain why.   Erica later sends Zak a picture via text that shows a scratch on her hand that appeared whilst she was driving home and she can’t explain it.

The next interview is really touching and quite comical.  Shirley Shupe, now elderly, is the daughter of Cyril and Lottie Wengert, Shirley lived in the house from the age of 5 (1938).  Zak explains how he came to buy the property and the research he has done.  He shows Shirley a room he has dedicated to her and her family and she is clearly touched by this.  Shirley confirms that her mother Lottie died in the house (September 14th 1968) and She shows Zak her mother’s room and Zak explains that the people who worked there have said that there has been activity in the house and asks Shirley if she thinks it could possibly be her mother as she loved the house so much.  Shirley says that her mother planned the house in its entirety and she was sure she would see her parents there (if you believed in it and she has always wanted to.)

Zak asks her if she would be open to sit on the bench and look in the mirror and give her mother a message.  Shirley does and asks her mother for her blessing and good will for Zak.  I was really moved by this and might have got a tear in my eye.

Now comes the comical part; Zak has made some ‘alterations’ to the house and he is trying to warn Shirley that the rooms may not be as she remembers them;  Zak is acting like a naughty school kid who has just been busted  – he is trying to explain and it is very funny.   They take her to the ‘puppet room’ – she is impressed by how authentic they are and she approves – phew. (They were creepy as, I wouldn’t go in there).  The next room is the ‘Kevorkian Room’ and off the room is Shirley’s old bedroom that is now home to the Suicide Van.  Shirley is tickled by this and Zak explains what it is to which she replies “God love him, he meant well” – who am I to argue?  Shirley thinks the whole thing is wonderful.

Shirley leaves and Zak has a group meeting.  He explains that he believes that there are 2 forces in the property: Positive (the Wengerts) and the negative that is in the basement. Due to the ‘darkness’ Zak tells them it’s going to be a lockdown and a sleepover: good luck with that guys.

Before the investigation begin, Jay sees on one of the X cams that the cuckoo clock is ticking.  Zak explains that he turned the clock off 3 days earlier.  They try and debunk it but they can’t. They all then hear an unexplained laugh: on replay I can’t tell if it’s a laugh or a dog barking.


The investigation

They start with the SLS camera (happy, I love the SLS) to try and capture the source of the laughter they just heard.  Zak calls out and a figure can be seen on the SLS, it appears to be mid-air and then moves to the room on the left.  Zak is feeling dizzy and moves towards the room that the figure went in to.  When he goes into the room the SLS stops working just as a figure can be seen.  Zak tries to get the SLS to work and Aaron is crapping his pants.  Something is seen between the van and the window and we hear an AHHHHHH, Zak is on the deck.  All the crew is concerned and asks him if he is OK.  The x cam has picked up what has happened, he walks into something and goes arse over tit (ha ha) they show it 3 times – mean.

They hear a strange noise and try and figure out what and where it came from.  They call out again and do a live EVP review.  Something has been captured and it says “Zak Bagans” I do hear it and it does sound like Zak Bagans  – WOW.

They go to another room where something was heard walking around and they all feel a thick air.  They are all a bit freaked out by the EVP and Aaron, the voice of reason for once, says that as Zak is the owner of the building it makes sense that it said his name and they should not assume that it is negative. Yet.

They get out the Spirit Box and nothing is heard until they enter the Doll Room.  The room is horrible as are the dolls and it would take a whole bottle of tequila to get me in there.  They move the Spirit Box around the room and ask ‘who are you’ and a growl is heard.  They continue calling out and Zak moves to a rag doll he was given by the caretaker at the Villisca Axe House.  Zak asks whose doll was it and it is at this point I proper shit myself; the Spirit Box says “Villisca” – OMFG.

They move on to another doll and it has to be the most god awful ugliest doll you will ever see, (who makes a doll like that???) anyway Aaron  asks ‘Do you want to play’ and the Spirit box replies ‘Play’.  Zak informs the viewer that the doll used to be in his house and he had to remove it because of the negativity energy around it.  The doll is asked who is possessing it and it replies ‘Drop it’; Zak moves the Sprit Box around the other dolls to show there are no voices with them, returns to the scary as shit one and asks ‘where do you want me to take you?” The doll replies “England”.  Erm no thanks mate we don’t want it here; you keep it on your side of the pond thanks.

I am creeped the F out.  He moves the doll to the cellar surrounded by Rem Pods; Billy goes down to adjust a IR Light and a little girls voice says “Hello there” and the rem pods go off.  I am shouting WTF in unison with the crew.  Billy says it also said demon.

They take a break and off camera Aaron tells Billy he want to stab him in the throat (unnecessary )  Billy gets a camera and Aaron explains he didn’t want to kill him but cause irritation; erm yup a knife in the throat would be a bit of an irritant Aaron.  Billy thinks Aaron is bullshitting and being affected by a malicious sprit.

Billy uses the PUCk device to ask questions: he doesn’t get a response so Zak goes into the cellar.  Billy asks a direct question (who entered the basement); no answer.  He then asks for a name and it says ‘living’ and when asked what it means it replies ‘dead’.  Billy is freaked out. The team concludes that the message means that at the museum, the dead are still living.

Zak asks one final question: What do you see in the basement? He captures an EVP that Aaron says is ‘secret’; again that is what it sounds like. They show a clip from earlier when  Aaron asks what happened down there and get response of ‘witches’ through the Spirit Box. Aaron concludes that they (the witches) would keep this a secret.

They are all bedding down for the night; all in separate areas.    They have no equipment except a camera:

Zak:  feels something touching his back and then in front of him.

Billy: hears a voice

Aaron: sleeps like a log

Jay: The light goes on and off twice and the camera moves on its own, three times then shuts off (I nearly jumped out of my skin) Jay wakes everyone up as he sees the camera move and notices that is has been unplugged.   His bed has also moved and the carpet ruffled.

This episode was a return to form for the Ghost Adventures; there was some impressive evidence captured and there were a few occasions I almost literally shat myself.  Well done guys.

The show returns for Season 13 September 24th on the Travel Channel.






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