Paranormal Tools – Apps. Do they work?

Ghost Hunter M2

So if you are anything like me and you don’t have all the most up to date whizzy bang investigator tools, you have probably looked through the App store and seen the ghost apps that are available.  More so since Selena Gomez has been shouting about Ghost Hunter M2 on Jimmy Fallon (if you live under a rock you can see it here)

I had a look to see what the Google had to say about it and everything seemed positive.  So with my £0.79 (about a dollar) I dawdled over to the App Store and downloaded.

First impressions were good, there are lots of different built-in tools and all looks very whizzy bang.  Excited I first tried the Sensor Sweep and almost immediately little blobs started appearing on my radar – they were all over the place and I was very thrilled.  I have to admit i was somewhat puzzled as it was in a room that i have never felt anything paranormal and they seemed to be moving around like the ghosts in the Pac Man maze.

Next up was the EVP – well it seems my uninvited guests had a lot to say: there was a farting wrench with a hat that seemed to want to imagine silence………(I could have understood farting wench, so maybe the app just heard it wrong)

New Image


Not to be put off by this i waited until i had the time to test it fully, in the right conditions. Last night was the night. I started the session about 1:00 am, in my home, in a small village in the north-west of England.  The EVP I received was ‘Now’ ‘Google’ ‘Obama’.

It may just be me being cynical but my uninvited guest is a 8-year-old girl who died in 1850.  I doubt she knows what Google is, let alone who Obama is. Maybe it was someone else, maybe they thought there was a particular reason I had to Google Obama or maybe its a crock of shit. Maybe i was using it wrong.

For £0.79 I am not devastated that it was a load of hogwash but I am interested to know if anyone else has used it and the results you may have had or if you have tried any of the others – let me know in the comments below or email me via the contact at the top of the page.

Off to die a slow death whilst I recap last night’s Most Haunted.




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