Ghost Hunters: All aboard the Ghost Train – Recap

The Midwestern Preservation Society

The location is a disused railway in Cleveland Ohio which is known to be the dumping ground of a famous unsolved murder case from the 1930s, the perpetrator known as The Cleveland Torso Murderer and the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run, who murdered and dismembered 12 victims. The famous Eliot Ness led on the investigation but unfortunately the case was never solved.

We start with Jason, Steve and Tango interviewing one of the board members of the Society. He explains that there has been audio activity and reports of shadow people in the ‘Roundhouse’ We cut to the ‘Death Car’ named after a 1943 accident in which 26 people were killed instantly (scalding hot water and steam – so sad.  Full details of the crash are available here) The editing is really on point and gives me the heebie jeebies. The ‘Death Car’ also has claims of shadow people and a voice telling people to ‘Get Out!’ and the windows in the car close on their own.

We next hear from a volunteer (dressed in a vintage uniform which makes him look a bit unfortunate – think Thomas the Tank Engine) The volunteer claims that one day he was airing out the car prior to visitors arriving, he opened all the windows and then went on to clean the ladies’. Upon his return all the windows slammed shut simultaneously. On another occasion a young boy’s arm was broken when a window shut on it and full bodied apparitions are frequently seen. in particular a man in a tweed suit.

The next area of interest is another railcar named Mt. Baxter which is believed to have 4 or 5 spirits; the area of most activity is bunk 7 where a lady died in her sleep. In the kitchen car there is a male presence; felt as a huge gust of wind according to another member of the society.

John Tarzan is interviewed next. I love him because, Tarzan. John owns the Pullman passenger train – he says that it is full of banging noises and he discovered that this was also the case prior to purchasing it. He wants TAPS to investigate as he wants to buy another car but not one with resident ghosts – I love John Tarzan even more now.

So let’s get down to business. Blurbs from Jason and Steve. Steve explains he likes trains as he doesn’t do flying. Who cares? Not me. (spiders and flying – pussy)

The Investigation

Steve and Tango: Mt Baxter CarThey do some call outs and Steve says (I shit you not) “I love train travel; you may not have had the best time on a train, especially if you passed away on this particular car”. I would give my child to Satan for the spirit to reply “No shit Sherlock”. Tango states that Steve must have a connection because he (Steve) has been on sleeper trains. Say what?? If that’s what Tango bases his ‘connections’ on then I am connected to everyone on the Titanic because I have been on the ferry to Calais – twice! They keep calling out.

Sam and KJ – Warehouse They are in the warehouse and KJ states that there presence is believed to be male and Sam asks why? Is it tall, dark and as I am about to say handsome? KJ gets in first and steals my line. Dammit. Then KJ provides us with this stunning piece of information – it’s probably because men worked on the railway. I am actually laughing, the men are really bringing it tonight *eye roll* They call out and go upstairs. They ask about the Torso murderer and ask if they know who it was.

Jason (J – he’s down with the kids) and Steve Mt. Baxter Car ‘J’ hears a noise. Steve gets in the bed the lady died in. J goes towards the noise. Both call out. J continues down the train and can hear movement, there is a noise and a voice is then heard; I hear it which is unusual as I usually miss the audible (even with enhanced audio – just saying), I can’t hear what it said but I definitely heard it.

Dustin and KJ – Death Car  They start with an EVP session as the man in the tweed suit was seen when a lecture was being presented. KJ takes on the role of the lecturer and tells the story of the accident. Nothing happens.

Sam and Shari: Roundhouse They are looking for the ‘Torso Murderer’ and call out.

‘J’ and Steve – Death Car They check the window that broke the child’s arm; they do a DEBUNK as the window isn’t fixed very well and they get it to fall down. They call out. Movement is heard and J asks Steve ‘Did you see that?’ J has seen a shadow.

Tango and KJ – Roundhouse  I am dizzy at this point.   The guys call out and a noise is heard immediately. Tango thinks it was a knock on a barrel. It does sound like that; KJ replicates the noise and Tango confirms it is what he has heard.  A train pulls in to see if the REM POD will be activated, it isn’t.

Dustin and Shari – Roundhouse Dustin has his GoPro camera and they start an EVP session. They ask questions and a few sounds are heard, then there is a very loud banging heard after Dustin asks if there are many spirits. Dustin asks for them to make the noise again and it does. He goes outside to investigate and there is nothing there to explain the noises.

Sam and Tango – Mt Baxter Car They are talking about the history of the car, and call out.

Dustin, Shari and KJ – Mt Baxter Car (seriously they need to keep still, I am getting motion sickness) They all call out and the EMF goes off, but not much. It goes off again. KJ suggests talking to the victims of the Torso Murderer. The EMF goes off immediately. KJ asks if they are a victim of the murderer

Steve and Tango – Warehouse  This is a ball ache.   They both call out. Steve notices a picture of the old workers. Tango is piss pleased with himself as he thinks Steve is doing a ‘pun’ when he says Tango is ‘on track’. I’m taking a minute at this point.

KJ, Dustin and Shari – Kitchen Car  They continue the EVP session and ask for a noise. They hear something and think it is footsteps. They do more calling our.

J and Steve – Roundhouse  Nothing. They decide to end the investigation. GOOD! I feel like I have done a workout.

The Reveal

  1.  Dustin and Shari in the Roundhouse – banging
  2. J Mt Baxter Car – footsteps.
  3. J Mt Baxter – female voice; “She was”
  4. When debunking the window in the Death Car a voice is caught, “leave it alone”
  5. Death Car – another voice “is it time to go to sleep”. The man from the Society puts this into context and explains how the sleeper cars used to work – and to be fair I am impressed.

So there is my first Ghost Hunters recap and it wasn’t as traumatic as I was expecting, I still think ‘J’ is a complete TossPot but all in all it was an OK episode. I would prefer it if they didn’t jump about so much, but I suppose they want to show the viewer as much as possible.

Well done Guys you got me to sit through an entire episode.




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