Ghost Hunters Returns

Ghost hunters returns tonight for its last season on the syfy channel.

I’ll be frank; I cannot bare Jason Hawes. I think he is an arrogant, obnoxious bollockwagon. He has made watching the show a chore ( bore). (Allegedly 😏)

And Steve Gonsalves is a dick too. (Allegedly 😴)

I haven’t always had such a vehement hatred for them. When the show first started I did enjoy Β it and had a bit of a crush on Steve, but then the bullying bullshit started. Don’t get me wrong, Brian “dude run” Harnois was a complete tool, however I watch the show for the paranormal investigations and not to watch Jason belittle and shame members of his ‘team’. Wanker.

And then Grant left. The once ok Steve decided he would become the next billy big bollocks so I turned off.

I like Tango but it’s not worth putting up with those two.

However, I am committed to this blog and so will take one for the team and try my very best not to put my foot through the TV while I watch. I will also try and present a honest recap though it will kill me.

I haven’t bothered to read any blurbs about the show but I can predict that Jason will act all ‘ I am the best investigator ever’, Steve will piss his pants if he sees a spider and tango will be treated like shit and will do all the actual work.




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