Most haunted: Walton hall recap


Walton Hall, Warrington.

First off, the place looks amazing and I will Deffo be going for a visit, so mission accomplished there for Walton Hall: get more visitors – check!

It is a stunning place with just the right amount of ‘needs a paint job but looks creepy so it stays’ chic.

The hall was built in the 1830s ( owned by greenalls – I wish I was in greenall Whitley land advert is now playing in my head – bloody every week is like a nostalgia trip, my first and best job was for greenalls and it was also where I had my first spooky experience – halliwell lodge hotel – Google it. Fantastic place which is now apartments – boo)

Anyway….. History bit.

So there are several ghosts:

Children – check
Girl who died – check
Pushing on the stairs – check
Lady – check ( no comment on colour but she died in the bathroom and if she has the hump with you, watch out)
Alice is a little girl whose portrait is in the stained glass window and people have been known to identify her.

Fred: I still can’t.

Yvette puts skeptic guy on the spot as he heard a kids cry and he confirms what he heard and they show a VT of him telling the group. Apparently 3 people heard it and SHOCK HORROR it wasn’t Karl or Stuart. Audio is played and yup I heard it, was a proper waaaahhhhhh and it was proper creepy; but it could also have been a whining cat. Too hard to call. (and I wanna know where Stuart was at the time of the said waaaaahhhh – seriously drop the chuckle brothers as they take a huge dump on any credibility each week)

Fred: nope, still can’t.

Wow whizzy bang stuff! Finally! Oh, microphone. Well I suppose it’s better than tapping. I just do not get this approach.

Yvette starts the investigation and she is immediately beckoned upstairs. She is with Karl and skeptic guy. Tapping. πŸ™„

Fred and beardy and geeky guy got laptop out. Nothing.

Back to Yvette: 4 bangs. Some are happy and some aren’t. I do like the way Yvette communicates. Karl hears children’s laughter. They play it 3 times but I couldn’t hear it. Whoever they are talking too informs them that it is a young child. They are hearing things individually and again I can’t bloody hear it.

Knocking is heard and Yvette starts to question and ohhhhh someone was murdered – a man, in 1800s.

Fred, beardy and geek are hearing something in the bushes – no words.

We are back to learn more about the murder and we find out he was stabbed and hit over the head ( thanks Karl). Skeptic is there so I am prepared to go along with it. I can hear the knocking quite clearly but it’s quite random. Karl decides it’s singing ring o roses – skeptic agrees. I can’t hear enough to decipher it. Yvette starts to sing twinkle twinkle little star – the knocking joins in. Skeptic is gobsmacked. But he is frustrated ( feel your pain love)

Yvette is getting a sinister vibe and God bless her she doesn’t scream – πŸ™…πŸ™†πŸ™‹

She is convinced it’s something fucking with her, perhaps.

Karl – cellar, alone. He annoys the crap out of me but he has always had balls of steel and when the other chuckle brother isn’t around it ain’t so bad. He asks for the door to be shut and it is, but slow close. Would have been more impressive if it was a right hard wallop of a bangy close ( think stroppy teenage girl) as that could just be a draft. Karl says there is an oppressive feeling. Karl hears something and thinks it’s a barrel. You can hear a scraping noise, there’s is a bang behind him and there is a definite clang against the barrel. And again. The door appears to shut on him but it’s hard to know if he banged it. Karl is loosing his shit, he is still down there so kudos to him I would have legged it.

Fred and Stuart are in the bathroom. A tenner on something happening, to Stuart. Oh look the fan comes on. Don’t buy it. Don’t buy anything that involves Stuart. They are hearing knocking 😴😴😴😴😴

Yvette is with skeptic and geek: they are doing an EVP Session. Lots of crackles, in fact a lot of noise. I heard something but couldn’t make it out.

I was impressed with Yvette this week and with the no screaming. Karl being alone was good too.

I have learned that skeptic guy is called Glenn and I follow him on Twitter😊
Geek is Eamon
Beardy guy – dunno.

If you enjoyed it skip over to the UKTV play app where you can watch next weeks episode.



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