Ghost Adventures S12 E11: Return to Winchester Mystery House Recap

The team are back at the Winchester Mystery house.

We are 11 minutes in and we are still on background/history/witness interviews – Zak retells the story of his grandmother passing away and I will admit that it sent a shiver down my spine as it did when I watched it originally.

Before the ‘official’ lock down starts, evidence that was captured the day is being reviewed. An eyewitness has seen a figure known as the ‘Wheelbarrow Man’ in the cellar and confirms that it is the same man that they team have caught on camera. Even though the image was enhanced I couldn’t see anything. They also capture a EVP which they think is the Wheelbarrow Man as it says “ That was me” – I hear something but if the words weren’t on the screen I wouldn’t have a clue what is was saying. Zak is buzzing.

Finally after 16 minutes the investigation is about to start.They have the whizzy bang SLS Camera thing and you can see something is in the chair – oh now I am giddy – I love the whizzy bang stuff. Billy says he can feel a cold patch and it is where the figure is.

The figure has gone to another room and Billy says that the cold air had gone but as he asks the figure to come back it does – and so does the cold air; (this is before he is told that the figure is back.)

Billy and Zak are not trying to communicate with the spirit in the Séance room.   They get an EVP of a man called ‘Russell’. Zak asks how many spirits there are with them and they get ‘7’ as a reply – this I do hear. Zak asks Sarah (Winchester) to come forward – but they get a male voice instead and I do hear the ‘bring ‘em’.

The guys leave the room but the figure can be seen on the SLS camera and an EVP comes through – ‘wait’. Zak returns to the room with one of the rifles – and locks and loads – the SLS camera freezes completely has does the thermal imaging camera.

The team split up into groups: Aaron and Billy are off to the cellar whilst Zak and Jay are staying to investigate. Jay immediately hears a doorknob turn and they all get giddy.

Zak and Jay: they set up an X cam and almost instantly a white mist is seen and yes it made me jump. They slo-mo the clip and Zak says it looks like a hand – to me it looked like a hand in a boxing glove giving a thumbs up and I have to say it was impressive.

Zak and Billy are walking around the house and are lost; Zak is talking wank about spirit plains and crossroads – whatever Zak, your ace but shut up. Zak craps himself as he sees a kid who hit and hissed at him.

Zak has the MEL meter out and Zac shits himself again as there is something walking around them – I still can’t hear it. But I did hear the voice – and got the goose bumps.

A laser grid is set up and they head off elsewhere. The guys find Sarah’s bedroom (where she died) but they get no evidence. They try to speak to the other guys but the walker talkies are out.

Aaron and Billy: The guys are trying to get the Wheelbarrow Man to engage and Aaron is freaking out as he can feel something behind him. And we have the first DUDE!

They hear a moan (I didn’t).  DUDE! Again – I love Aaron.

Aaron and Jay are freezing and we see anomaly shoot out of the back of Aaron.

Aaron feels something and we get a fabulous DUDE! Aaron is scared shitless to go in a room he had a previous bad experience in and turns off his comms; an EVP is captured and I can’t make it out (neither can they)

They all regroup and they are to return to where they left the laser grid. Zak wants to know if they feel anything in the same spot.  Zac is pushed on his chest and hurts his back; he explains that on the previous visit he had a bad experience in the same place. They ask the child its name and they get a response – but can’t make out what it is saying. They get another response and the team think it is saying ‘F you’ and it could be but I really can’t decipher it.

Zak sees a figure behind Aaron, and an orb can be seen moving down the hall.

I enjoyed the episode and I think they did get some really good evidence particularly the image of the hand.

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