Most Haunted: Mansion House recap

Intro: lots of yvette screaming and OMGs – same shit different day…..

Before I start, I will say that I have been a massive MH fan from the beginning, when Stuart had hair, Phil Whyman was the Zac Bagans of his day and of course, when “Mary loved Dick” 😂😂😂

So let’s be clear, I am not a hater. 

We are at a 19th century Manor House in St. Helens. The Arial shot shows the location surrounded by houses, industrial buildings and what appears to be busy roads. No chance of sound contamination then… 🤔

Yvette is doing the usual…. Blah blah de blah, go on, big it up love.

The skeptic guy – can never remember his name but he is no Ciaran, gives us a blast of the past and now I am singing Rentaghost theme on a loop – Mr Claypole!

I just can’t with Fred. 😐

Yvette tells us about a servant who hanged herself on the staircase and tells us she felt nothing before she heard the story, but she KNOWS now that someone is there – ahem.

Fred is blathering on. Again.

Everyone is feeling fine, except Fred. Shut up Fred!

Karl obviously is feeling something, Stewart knows it’s active – who is betting that whatever happens, it will involve these two and nothing will be on camera.

Ohhhh the tapping has started and Karl sees someone that no one else sees. Funny that. Lots of this is this and that is that brrrrr it’s cold.

Ouija board is out. They hear noises above, camera pans up- yes that helps me hear it – said no one ever.

The board is talking. I am desperate for it to say “where’s Ciaran?” But alas no.

The spook is tapping out its name… EDN. Apparently that means it’s Edith Dunn the maid who hanged herself. We find out,helped along by Karl, that it was in 1865.

The laptop is out. Do we have an EVP? The team hear a hmmmmm ish noise that I couldn’t bloody hear. To be fair I can never hear them in any of the shows, I am EVP deaf, annoying.

They are now in the cellar, Stewart is getting hard with how big it is down there….. Saying nowt – 😉😁

Stewart has heard a voice. Karl goes off to investigate. Nothing. The three of them are now using a table, I predict it’s gonna move. Stewart is seeing things again. Karl hearing things. Yvette sees and hears nothing, then is hearing whispering. Mans voice. Yvette hears a growl and shits herself.

They don’t stay but regroup and Yvette is off to the cellar on her own. The chuckle brothers go to check out the hanged maid.

And now we are with Yvette alone in the cellar. Calling bullshit on this we know she a wimp, but I go along with it. Yvette hears footsteps above…. The crew perhaps Yvette?

Chuckle brothers: Karl is asking questions and hears crying. Again I hear nothing.

Yvette: nothing

Fred and beardy bloke: Fred talking wank.

Chuckle brothers: it’s cold and they hearing stuff. Lots of reasons why it shouldn’t be cold. Where the bloody thermal cam guys??? Would help!! When they gonna realise I can’t bloody see cold spots without it – FFS

Yvette: in cellar shitting herself. Big Bang – screaming 😱😱😱. And another bang and Yvette swears at whatever (really channel bleeped it out but my money is on ‘bastard’)

Fred in a mirror in night vision – now that was scary!

Chuckle brothers: still debating weather, zzzz.

Yvette: lost her shit and abusing the spook. She is trying to leave but is lost.  You in cellar love.

And it’s over.

I love MH and I want it to be good but tapping and no electronic whizzy bang devices just doesn’t cut it.


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