Ghost Adventures Season 13 Episode 3: Palace Saloon

I took a break from recapping as I was getting fed up with the same old nonsense from all the ‘crews’ and what was once entertaining was becoming a chore. I have had a few months off and so thought I would dip my toe back in the water.Although the season has aired in the US it still hasn’t been shown in the UK but I am sure it will pop up on the Really channel sometime soon.  Well we are in Prescott Arizona, a Wild West Town (I do hope Zak does not dress up as a cowboy. Again. Look I like a costume but am bored with Zak looking like a second rate dial a stripper although I am sure the Zakolites on the twitter get their panties in a right twist with it) Anyways…….back to the location. (more…)

The Dead Files: The Sacrifice Recap

This is my first The Dead Files Recap and I am behind with US air dates but I like the show so thought I would recap it.  There are many opinions on the Google about Amy and Steve and that they were actors prior to being cast for the show and it going into production. A lot of shit is thrown at Amy for appearing in a film where she acts the part of a ‘medium’ This role has since been deleted from her IMDB.   I for one could not give a flying fook; I like to make my own decisions and decide if its TV producers having me on or if it could possibly be real. Plus I have a thing for overweight American ex homicide detectives called Steve. (more…)

Ghost Adventures: Mackay Mansion

The GA crew are in Virginia City Nevada and according to Zak it’s the birth place of ‘Ghost Adventures’ (Old Washoe Club); they are investigating a location that has many claims of being haunted and even Jonny Depp has claimed that he has had a paranormal encounter here. (more…)

Ghost Adventures: Colorado Gold Mine Recap

The GA Crew are back so all the Zakolites over on the twitter can get their perv back on. I am hoping that we might get a return to form and never ever have to revisit the debacle that was the Starlight Ranch (ET phone home etc).  I have to say that over the summer my love of these shows took a beating when my blind naivety was absolutely shattered, hence my lengthy absence. I know most of these shows are pure hokum and even though I know most of them (looking at you Most Haunted) are a pile of dog poop (not just normal dog poop but the kind when then have eaten new food, or grass, and it stinks – blurgh) but I loves them and so I thought feck it, I’ll start watching and recapping again. (more…)

Is there anybody there????…. 

Well is there? 

I am sure there is as I can see the hit counter going up, they can’t all be me. 

I’m lonely, come say hello, don’t be shy, I don’t bite…  

Are there shows I have missed? Let me know.

 There is a new one currently airing here called ‘the other side’ that I believe is Canadian. Have you seen it? Is it good? Talk to me….. 

Most Haunted: Middleton Hall Recap

I didn’t recap the last episode because, well, it was piss poor. I wasn’t prepared to waste my time writing it or your time reading it. Although I think I am the only person who watches it anyway.This week does look like it has promise though. All the teasers proclaim that ‘Yvette is scared to her core’. Actually Yvette is scared of her own shadow so there’s probably nothing in this episode either. (more…)

Ghost Hunters S11 E02: Ghost Guards Recap

The Location

The team are once more in Cleveland Ohio, this week visiting the Gray’s Armory.  Formed in 1837 as an independent volunteer militia company the Cleveland Grays were first called into duty in1855 by the county Sheriff to guard the courthouse and jail prior to and during an execution. The Grays saw service in the Civil War, Spanish American War, Mexican Border Campaign and World War l. The Amory that the team are investigating was built in 1893 following a fire at their previous HQ


Paranormal Lockdown:Trans- Allegheny Lunatic Asylum Recap

Welcome to Paranormal Lockdown, before we start can we take a minute to talk about the soundtrack (Between Heaven & Hell by Rob Saffi.)

Whoever picked this piece was bang on the money and I love it; from the get go I know that this show may be providing me with something new and a little bit different


Paranormal Lockdown

I am late to the party with Paranormal Lockdown as I am in the UK. For those who haven’t seen the first season yet,  this is a new show from former Ghost Adventures investigator Nick Groff. Nick is joined by Katrina Weidman formerly of Paranormal State

The premise of the show is that Nick and Katrina will investigate haunted locations by staying in the property for 72 hours in hope that “the longer they stay, the more the spirits will communicate with them and the more information they can gather about the unknown“. They won’t always be alone as they are joined by some familiar faces from the paranormal field – ill focus more on these guests when I recap the episodes.

Nick was always my favourite of the Ghost Adventures Team and I am happy to have him back on my screen; he has also just finished theGhosts of Shepherdstown’ .  If you haven’t seen the show yet I insist that you do  I will be recapping this show in the future for UK fans.

The second season of Paranormal Lockdown is currently filming and Nick has very recently been in the UK to film a Halloween special at the Black Monk House’. This is a well known location here in the UK and fans of Most Haunted will be familiar with it from last year’s Most Haunted Live; the one where Karl got pulled up the stairs attached to a piece of cable cough cough cough – check it out below:


And here is Karl’s response and explanation:


I’m saying nothing. cough *bull shit* cough

The film ‘When the lights went out’ is also based on the property and the paranormal activity that is supposed to be there .

So, that’s that. Or, maybe not? If you are like me (nosy!) you will be thinking well what the heck happened?   I remember seeing the first episode of GA when Nick was missing and there was no mention of him whatsoever – and thinking oh that’s interesting, there’s a story there alright!

I was straight on the Google and the Twitter and there are many theories as to what caused the rift; nick’s association with Ghost Stalkers, the birth of his child etc but sifting through all the crap I came to the conclusion that actually it’s probably due to Nick’s integrity and wanting to do investigations the right way, even if nothing is captured and not via a production script.

The first episode of Paranormal Lockdown sees Nick return to Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum and ill be recapping it later.